Wood Chain Table Top Decor

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Introducing the extraordinary Wood Chain Table Top Decor - a true testament to the power of a chain reaction. Crafted exclusively from durable reclaimed woods, this masterpiece features a meticulously handcrafted decorative chain. Each link tells a unique story, adding an unparalleled aura of heritage and character to any space. Versatile in its design, this organic embellishment can effortlessly elevate any area it graces. Add a touch of rustic elegance and make an unforgettable statement with the Wood Chain Table Top Decor.


Dimensions: 16.25"w x 3.75"d x 3.75"h

  • Colors: Ochre Brown, Ivory and Ebony
  • Materials: Solid Mixed Reclaimed Wood
  • Handmade
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs

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